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About US


SCHELP MARINE CONSULTANT  was founded in the year 2023 by Marine Engineers  and professionals from Shipping, Offshore and Dredging Industry. They graduated from one of the world’s most renowned Maritime Training Institute . After graduation, they acquired a combined sailing experience of more than 14 years on various types of vessels sailing world-wide. After stepping ashore they jointly gained experience of more than 10 years in various fields related to shipping, such as off-shore services, dredging, technical / crew management at global level, ship chartering, commercial operations etc. They have professionally managed and handling Bulk Carriers, Tankers (Crude, Product and Chemical), Containers, Self unloaders, Trans-shippers, OSVs, PSVs (DP1, DP2, DP 3), Dredgers, Multi-utility crafts etc.



To become a sought after service provider in Shipping, Main fleet, Offshore fleet Oil & gas and Ship building Industry



Committed to provide world class services that meet or exceed the customer requirements as well as expectations and conduct operation in a manner that protects. interest of all stake holders

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Integrity , Care, Consistency, Transparency, High ethical standards.

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Schelp Marines Consultancy is a professional consultancy firm that specializes in providing a wide range of services related to marine industries. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in various aspects of the marine industry, including safety management, operational efficiency, risk assessment, and environmental sustainability. We provide consultancy services to various clients in the marine industry, such as shipping companies, offshore oil and gas exploration firms, and port authorities. Schelp Marines Consultancy can provide a range of consultancy services, such as safety management systems development and implementation, environmental impact assessments, marine risk assessments, vessel inspections, and marine accident investigations. Their services can help clients in the marine industry to improve their safety, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability.


We provide top-notch consultancy to ensure your life became smoothly and efficient. With 14 years of experience and expertise, you can trust us to provide the best advice and solutions for your needs. Our team works diligently to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with the latest solutions that will help you reach your success point.

We take care all the require responsibilities and provide complete  Ship Operations solutions to  our respected ship owners  through our dedication 


–Ship Registration and , Certification .

–Take Over of Ships for Owners.

–Dry-docking and repair plan Management.

–Internal / External Audits and Implementation.

–Flag State Inspections

–ISM / ISPS Certification /Survey.

–Vessel Condition Assessment

–Pre-Purchase Assessment

–Pre/Post Charter Assessments

–Condition Surveys

–Pre-finance Inspections

–Bunker Quantity Surveys and Bunker Investigations

–Cargo Quantity Surveys

What We DO




AMSSU (All Merchant SEAMEN,S SENA Union)

is a trade union that represents merchant seafarers and  in the India. The union was formed in 2008 and has a membership  1500  seafarer individuals in the organization.


Founder member of Schelp Marines Consultancy TARUN SINGH CHAUHAN he is  APPOINTED AS A ‘ASSISTANT SECRETARY’ for ‘ALL MERCHANT SEAMEN’S SENA UNION’ for the coming period from 01/03/2023 to 31/12/2023.

AMSSU  is dedicated  for the welfare of Indian seafarers  to get a good vessels to secure their career in shipping  world .  

Education Consultancy

As a Schelp marines consultancy company, we provide education consultancy services to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the marines. Our consultancy services are designed to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the industry.


Our education consultancy services are fitted to the needs of new and fresher cadets of the navy, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the schelp marine industry. By working with us, you can ensure that you have a bright future and great success in your chosen career path.


We  have a vast network of industry professionals and organizations that we can connect you with, providing you valuable networking opportunities that can help you advance your career in the industry.

Information Technology

We plan and strategize for specific needs of the vessels and owners. All our  efforts are to gain competitive advantage for our principals.

Our primary objective is to maintain the asset value of the vessel at  competitive cost.

While doing so we ensure that as far as possible, the vessel is in a state of  operational readiness at all times and in compliance with the rules of her  classification society, local environmental regulations and all other  laws and regulations.


                        Our team Provide :

Budgeting for vessel operation. 

Takeover of vessels for our clients.  Management of maintenance.

Dry-docking and repair plans

Shipyard supervision.

crew management

Being a seafarer we understand importance of right quality of crew for ship's operations. The human resource is the most important asset for any company and in case of a shipping company it is more relevant. Apart from knowledge, right attitude  of the ship staff towards the work is very important  for safe and efficient running of the vessel.

We are passionate to fulfill any requirements within the deadline and having wide range of qualified talented seafarers  in our Crew Management System with experience on all classes of Vessels including. Tankers (Product/  Chemicals/Crude/Gas), Containers , Bulk Carriers, General Cargo, Ro/Ro’s, Passenger ships, Cruises / Ferries,  Dredgers(Suction Hopper , Bucket ,Grab, Cutter) , DP Vessels , Research Vessels, Supply Vessels, AHTS, Tugs, Bunker  Barges, Accommodation Barges, Drill Ship Platforms and Rigs they are all valuable assets for us


The Company operates to the highest quality standards by providing a professional ship management service in a cost-effective manner, in order to meet the agreed requirements of its customers as well as fulfill its responsibilities towards its employees, the environment and the public at large.

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