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We process different flags state documents for seafarers:

  • 6. ST. KITTS & NEVIS


  • 7. CYORUS


  • 8. PARAMA,


  • 9. BAHAMAS

Flag state

                    Sail Abroad with Confidence
Hassle-Free Seafarer Documentation Processing by Schelp Marine

we are Schelp Marine, a trusted agency specializing in processing seafarer documentation for sailing abroad. We understand the importance of obtaining the necessary documentation for our clients to embark on their maritime careers safely and efficiently.

When it comes to processing seafarer documentation, we follow a straightforward and efficient approach that prioritizes cost-effectiveness and minimizes risks. Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Assessment: Our experienced team carefully assesses the specific requirements of the destination country where our clients intend to sail. This includes understanding the regulations and documentation needed for each country, including the INDIA, HONDURAS, LIBERIA, BELIZE, PALAU, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, CYORUS, PARAMA, and BAHAMAS CDC, STCW.

  2. Documentation preparation: Based on the assessment, we guide our clients in preparing the necessary documentation, such as completing the application forms, obtaining the required medical certificates, and fulfilling any other country-specific requirements. We ensure that all the documentation is accurate and complete to minimize delays or rejections.

  3. Verification and submission: Once the documentation is prepared, our team verifies all the details to ensure compliance with the destination country's regulations. We then submit the documentation on behalf of our clients to the appropriate authorities, following the correct procedures and timelines.

  4. Follow-up and updates: We diligently follow up with the authorities to track the progress of the documentation process and provide regular updates to our clients. We promptly address any issues or queries that may arise during the processing.

  5. Delivery and support: Once the seafarer documentation is approved, we arrange for the delivery of the documents to our clients securely and efficiently. We also provide ongoing support and assistance in case any further documentation is required during their maritime journey.

Our process is designed to be easy to understand, efficient, and cost-effective, ensuring that our clients can sail abroad with peace of mind, knowing that their seafarer documentation is being handled by experts. We prioritize compliance with regulations, accuracy in documentation, and timely processing to minimize any risks or delays.


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