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About All Merchant Seamen's Sena Union

(AMSSU) is a significant organization in the maritime industry in India, and it works towards the betterment of seafarers. The union provides a platform for seafarers to voice their concerns and grievances and works towards finding solutions to their problems. One of the primary goals of AMSSU is to ensure that Indian seafarers get suitable employment opportunities on good vessels.

The union is also actively involved in promoting the welfare of seafarers by providing them with adequate training and education. It works towards creating a healthy and safe working environment for seafarers and ensures that they get fair remuneration for their services.

AMSSU also strives to promote the interests of the Indian shipping industry and works towards enhancing its global competitiveness. The union has been instrumental in promoting India as a hub for maritime education and training and has been working closely with the government to develop the necessary infrastructure for this purpose.

In addition to its role as a trade union, AMSSU also serves as a social welfare organization. It provides financial assistance to seafarers and their families in times of need and organizes cultural and social events for its members.

Tarun Singh Chauhan as an Assistant Secretary for AMSSU is a significant development for the union. Mr. Chauhan is a seasoned maritime professional with extensive experience in the industry and is the founder of schelp marines if you want to join union today connect to us and make your career grow.

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